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General lee cb radio repair manual

00 ( 2 Bids) Time Remaining: 4d 16h 21m. What are some features of a General Lee CB radio? Both of these radios are made by one of the RCI factories. Enjoying The Sun 577- Jersey Customs. It also comes equipped with blue LED display lights, a switchable Talkback circuit, and variable. Com This is a short review and overview of the General Lee 10 meter radio.
General Lee Transmitter Tune- up With the RF power switch in the high position, key the mic and adjust VR13 until 10 Watts is indicated on the external power meter. CB radios offer a range of features and come in different types to suit your communications preferences. Dual echo controls, talkback, and over 50 watts output power makes this General Lee 10- meter radio well worth the money. The General Lee is a AM/ FM 10 meter export radio with d.

Do you need a HAM / CB / Scanner- Monitor radio schematics / service information to repair, modify, test or install you vintage CB radio / citizens band transceiver? General Lee 10 Meter Radio Powerful Sound and Reliability and Simple to Use. The General Lee CB Radio for sale gives you a lot of the big radio features for a minimal price. Proceed as follows to mount the transceiver: 1. CB Radio Schematics / Service Manuals. The HP40 boasts approx.

Also provide a good electrical grounding connection to the chassis of the vehicle. Switch the RF power switch to low, key the mic and adjust VR16 to 2 Watts on the external power meter. Rooster CB Radio Connection 1, 260 views.
If you are unsure of the Part needed, check out our Blown Up Part Diagrams. Please Make Sure The Part That You Are Ordering Is The Correct Part. There are more powerful ones out there, but this one does the job for me.

The best I’ ve read, and I’ ve read at least 40 books by so- called experts. Shop with confidence. View and Download General Lee Full Channel AM/ FM Amateur Mobile Transceiver owner' s manual online.

General ( Lee) - AM/ FM/ PA, Black Description: The General Lee features 40+ watt power output, blue lighting, front mic jack, echo with dual controls and switchable talkback. A great deal of thought went into making this an operator friendly radio. Offering low prices & outstanding support before, during, & after the sale. I just recently bought a new one, rather than getting my older than dirt one upgraded, because the new General Lee' s have the mosfet finals, putting out 10- 12 more watts. I kno enough about electronics to fix if a wire broke or something but not positive where to look. General lee cb radio repair manual.

Review Of The General Lee 10 Meter Transceiver The General Lee is an AM/ FM 6- band 10 Meter radio. Full Channel AM/ FM Amateur Mobile Transceiver Transceiver pdf manual download. Please help find the manual for this General Electric Two- Way Radio. New Factory Radio Cases for DX- 55HP, 94HP, Connex and General Lee.

It is very similar to the Connex 3300HP, which has been around for many years. Supporters of CBTricks. Full Channel AM/ FM Amateur Mobile Transceiver. General lee cb radio repair manual. , Lisbon OH) You can repair 95% of all CB radio. What is the wiring diagram of a general lee cb mike to its plug that goes into the cb - Radio Communications question.

General radio might though and I cannot control it. Com paid for the hosting so you would have this. Website, Service- Manual. General CB Radio Sale! A modulation upgrade is not needed with the General HP40W as it will swing from about a 5w key to 100w audio power on Low with our standard alignment. Need a manual for this CB radio. Modeled after, and in fact almost exactly the same, as the Connex 3300HP. A sinad meter, and then a manual showing what. When mounting the bracket and radio to your car, make sure it is mechanically strong. General Lee or General HP40 10 Meter Radio Repair from The Radio Shop Get reliable service from our General Lee or General HP40 10 meter radio repair. Great 10 meter radio General Lee.

General Lee CB Radio $ 31. General Electric GE CB Radio 3- 5819B 40 Channel AM PLL Transceiver. If you would like to help with this project let us know. A service manual is available for one of the. Galaxy CB Radio Sale!

I got a used general lee & it worked fine for a while then it stopped transmitting suddenly. There Are No Refunds Or Exchanges On Parts. Our seasoned radio tech' s offer high quality radio repair, performance enhancements, antenna system troubleshooting and custom installation. This is the radio I have, and I really like it. Forums > Truckers' Trucking Tools > CB Radio Forum > General Lee question for the CB Repair Experts Discussion in '. General Lee 10 Meter - Amateur Radio - Transceiver - Pro Tuned and Aligned 4.

Also find top Cb radios. < br> Need Help or maybe just a recommendation? GENERAL LEE CB RADIO. Custom CB radios' s items for sale in Parts. Frequency Modification. , Odessa TX) “.
MOUNTING THE RADIO The transceiver is supplied with a universal mounting bracket. We cannot effect this and do not guarantee your radio to be cosmetically perfect. SINCE 1976, OUR “ BIG DUMMY’ S” MANUAL OF CB REPAIR HAS HELPED THOUSANDS! On eBay, you can find new and used General Lee CB radios at affordable prices.
Excellent service, lowest price, repair, warranty, tuning and fast world wide shipping on General Lee Radios. We cannot guarantee that the instructions will work on every radio presented. General lee cb radio repair manual. Connex general lee - Mauldroppers CB Radio Forum www. General Lee Driving Texas Star 350, Swing Monster! Excellent service, lowest price, repair, warranty, tuning and fast world wide shipping on the latest General radios.
General lee cb radio repair manual. Don' t be confused by the name, this radio produces over 100 watts of PEP Power, will run with the big dogs and it won' t break the bank. CB RADIO REPAIR I am a CB RADIO repairman that has been doing CB radio repair for over 35 years now, as a 1 man shop, and before that working on my own and at another CB shop in ’ 76, and at the Hy- Gain CB company in Lincoln, Neb. There' s not a cb shop within 200mi of me & wanted to see if it was something I can fix b4 I look elsewhere. We carry a good selection of schematics / service manuals for vintage CB radios. Looking for manual for GE 35840 two way radio.

The General Lee is one of the most reliable and easy to use radios on the market and is consistently rated one of THE" top radios on just about any forum and in just about every article. Gary' s General Lee alignment report - Duration: 8: 49. 30+ years experience. New General Lee radio with Blue channel LED' s and meter light. General Lee Cb Radio Manual Pictures and Specifications of the General Lee Mobile AM/ FM Export Radio / Plaatje en Specificaties van de General Lee Mobiele AM/ FM Export Radio. Com Someone who wanted to help you repair your equipment put together this information. A license from the FCC is required. 10- Meter Radios are intended for use by amateur radio operators only. 110 watts modulation and 40 watts dead key, more than double that of the General Lee CB radio for sale. General Lee Owner’ s Manual If you would like to help us put more manuals online support us. General Lee Radio – Essentially the same as the popular Connex 3300; dual MOSFET finals, echo sound board, stock blue channel and meter lights.

I switched mics still nothing. Learned more from your book in one hour than 3 weeks in electronics school. 5 out of 5 stars 2. The new General HP40W 100- watt 10- meter radio with blue lights is essentially a high output version of the General Lee.
Connex 3300hp 10 Meter Amateur Radio w/ Roger Beep 3. General radios sometimes have a small scratch or ding that the factory covers with black touch up. Dutch Importeur, Modification, cbtricks. General Lee, Washington and HP40W. Find great deals on eBay for general cb radio.

Choose from tuning options and nitro led rings and either clear or stock knobs Already comes with echo sound board so no need to upgrade to that. With the price of many CB radios hitting $ 129 or higher in price these days the General Lee gives you so much more radio for just a little more cash. Bells CB will make no marks or scratches on your radio ourselves. These 10 Meter Radio' s do not operate on standard CB Radio frequencies without modifications.

The features of a new or used General Lee CB radio include:. Pictures, Manual and Specifications of the General Lee Mobile AM/ FM Export Radio / Plaatje, Handleiding en Specificaties van de General Lee Mobiele AM/ FM Export Radio CB & Export Radios General Lee. General lee cb radio repair manual. All sales will assume the purcher will follow all FCC regulations. Amps and is getting cookin' hot when key' d for as little as 30 seconds, lol, truckstop hack job comes to mind lol. This Manual is provided by CBTricks.

10 Meter radio' s are inttended for use on the proper frequencies by Licensed Amerature Radio Operators only. Com > Citizens Band Radio > Mobile Discussion Oct 23, posts - ‎ 7 authors Thread: Connex general lee. Additional Photos The General Lee is a 10 meter radio - to modify the General Lee for additional frequencies a cluster of resistors need to be removed from the solder side of the radio.

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