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Faa 145 repair station training manual

This training program document contains the policies and procedures uses to determine its training requirements and develop its FAA approved training program. Get a quote on your Part 145 manual today! Don' t take chances with an FAA audit. 163, promulgated in August under amendment No. Tasks of the particular repair station. Repair Station Training Program Date Issued July 08, Responsible Office AFS- 300 Description Provides information on developing the repair station employee training program required under 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations ( 14 CFR) part 145, section 145, 163, categories of training, training program components, and sample training programs.

Avionics is responsible for Premier ensuring each repair station employee performing maintenance ( including inspection), preventive All ratings issued to this repair station by the FAA under Part 145 are described in its Operations Specifications and in this manual. Faa 145 repair station training manual. 145– 27, requires each repair station to establish a training program for employees who perform maintenance ( including inspection), preventive maintenance, or alteration under the authority of the repair station’ s certificate.

The courses in this category reviews CFR, FAR, basic Repair Station Manual Introduction and Forms. Blue Tuna has built thousands Custom FAA Part 145 Repair Station Manuals. Operating rules pertinent to the operation of this domestic repair station, certificated by the Federal Aviation Administration ( FAA) under 14 CFR Part 145. Repair Station On Line Training contains courses for Part 145 Inspectors, Mechanics, Technicians and Administrative Personnel.

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